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Hi there!

I am Omeiza Deborah. My friends call me Debbie or Deb. I am a faith and lifestyle blogger. I love to share Bible lessons through inspiring stories, poems and articles. I also love to talk about things that pertain to healthy living, music, life and what have you.

I am the vice president of an organization called ‘FIOLIBRI’ We cater for the intellectual needs of people by making Christian, inspirational and motivational books available at affordable prices. We also run a book club.

Close to the menu bar you’d see a cart where you can get an overview of the available books and their prices; then you can place your order.

I am also an hairstylist, a certified editor and a copywriter. You can send an email to me at omeizadeborah8@gmail.com to get any of these services.

I love to here from my readers, so if you have a pressing question or need to talk to someone do send me an email. I’ll be glad to here from you.

I’m excited to have you here and I pray that the Holy Spirit will always speak to you through the contents on this blog.

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