About Me

Hello, amazing readers!

I am Omeiza Deborah, a faith blogger

I seek to make an impact through word of God, stories, fiction, and nonfiction, personal life experiences, and poems.

I get inspired so much from studying God’s word, and I love to share my lessons through stories, exposition, poems, and the likes. And that’s the main reason I blog.

Explaining the extent to which several writings have positively affected my life would be an understatement, and owing to the fact that there is nothing new under the heavens, I believe that the manner in which writings have influenced me is the same manner in which it would influence others. So, by the grace of God as the writings of others have influenced me, mine can influence others.

The major way I convey my thoughts are through writing and that’s another reason I’m passionate about poetry.

I’m excited to have you here!