For Episode 10

Who is responsible?” Mum yelled as I stood quietly.

“Who have you been having this ungodly act with?” Mum continued ranting with rage.

“No one Ma” I denied, but before I knew it, a hot slap came upon my cheek, tears trickled down my face as I bowed my head in shame.

I thank God my dad had traveled for a business appointment and wasn’t in the house at themoment otherwise, I would have been a dead person.

“I’m sorry ma, it wont happen again” I replied in tears

“My ordeal with Daniel was nothing more than that of a desperate lady who thought submitting to a man’s craving would help keep him but it had landed me into big trouble, the kind that will leave a scar” i thought to myself as my mum was still talking frantically.

“I want to know the name of the boy now!!” She yelled, forcefully grabbing my right hand as she led me to our moderately furnished sitting room pushing me violently on the floor”

“This wasn’t the mother I knew. My mum had turned into a tigress, full of rage, but I knew it was all my fault, all her actions that day reflected the pain she felt as she thought I had ruined my life, ruined their name, and wasted all the money they spent on me for my education.

“I’m sorry ma” were all the words I could utter

“Don’t sorry me!!” she yelled. “What is his name? And if you know what is good for you, you had better start talking!!” She commanded.

“His name is, is, erm…”

“His name is what? You better stop wasting my time and answer me now!!” Mum inquired anxiously.

“Daniel!!” I finally revealed.

While she resigned to the sofa beside her, bent her head and placed her hands on her head, and she started weeping like someone who had accepted defeat.

Honestly, I haven’t seen my mother so emotional like I did that day, she began uttering words like
“Did I do anything like this during my youth days? Did ai offend anyone? Why did you do it?” she kept asking herself while I knelt besides her crying like a baby too.

Thirty minutes later, she cleaned her face and I followed suit.

“We’re going to your school” She spoke out,and made to tie her scarf and get the car keys, while I stood there, motionless at what she had just said, “she was kidding” I thought, but she obviously wasn’t, as she gave me this “better rush inside and freshen up, or get ready to go like that” look.

I obeyed quickly and in no time we were at my school.

She headed for the principal’s office were she went in to speak with the principal for a lengthy period of time, as I was told to sit and wait for her at the reception.

My friends came around asking me questions , but I couldn’t look at anyone’s face, as I was buried in my own grave of shame and guilt.

My mum and the principal came out hours later from his office, who looked at me in disappointment

He(principal) called for an assembly where all the students gathered, and he called out for David to stand at the podium of the assembly ground.
He started by exposing our affairs not leaving behind the part that I was pregnant, which made all the students exclaim in shock and utter disbelief.

Daniel was given 24 strokes of cane and was later expelled from the school for the act.

I was so humiliated that day, guilt and shame came upon me, that I later turned to a lady who couldn’t step an inch out of my father’s house except at night due to shame..Since then, it was that day i vowed never to have any sexual relationship with any man whatsoever.

My dad rushed back home from his appointment the next day, immediately mum told him about what happened. But when he saw me, all he could do was give me a tight hug as a father, gave me a peck and spoke some words to me.

My dad is the most understanding man on earth, up till this moment, and I treasure him for that.

We arranged to visit Daniel’s family house the next day, but on getting there, we were told by the gate man that they no longer lived there. That they had parked to live overseas. That they couldn’t stand the disgrace their son placed them in, so it was better to travel out of the country.

My mum was frustrated, my dad was perplexed, and I was depressed and clueless as to how my life would end up.

“If I was going to keep this child, it would be without a father” i thought.


Temi could hear me sniffle and cry in the room,but she didn’t try to ask me any question. I was still in thoughts.

Episode 12 comes up next


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