For Episode 8

I got to the street on the address Tunde sent me. I looked around quickly for his house number and found it with ease. When I saw his house, I smiled to myself for no reason, walked to the door, knocked and waited for a reply. But I noticed it was locked from outside, which made me upset a bit. I soon heard his voice from inside beckoning on me to come through the back window.
“What nonsense, this girl actually locked Tunde up in his house oh” I said to myself.

“Hey Bewaji, I didn’t think you were serious about bringing the food, but anyways thanks so much” Tunde said smiling when I got to the window at the back of the house.

“Imagine the nonsense!!” I thought to myself again. So I have to talk to him through the window?.

“It’s nothing” I said to Tunde. “I believe it’s my fault that you’re locked up in here” I added with a frown.

“No, not at all, you have no hand in this. I have myself to blame. I just don’t know what happens to me whenever Folake is around me, I tend to obey all she commands me to do, but when she leaves, I don’t know what happens next. All I feel for her is hatred, I have no tinge of love for her”. Tunde muttered, broken like someone who was going to fall apart.

“Your friends? Don’t you have friends that can help you speak up against her?” I asked.

“No, not at all. Folake’s entry into my life has brought the exit of all my true friends. All of them claim that she threatened them to stay far away from me, also saying that something mysterious happens to them when they ignore her warnings. All my friends have fled from me” Tunde said. I could see beads of tears already trickling down his face, as I listened with all seriousness.

“It’s possible she must have charmed you!” I said slowly, while Tunde immediately looked up at me, with a new light on his face. Probably what I said, hit him hard.
He was perplexed and totally uncertain as to what to answer me.

Just then, I heard someone call out the name TUNDE!!!

I was in shock, surprised and confused on what to do next.
I soon heard Tunde murmuring words like “I told you this was a bad idea” and so on…

He was now all shaky and baby-like again.
I was lost!. Her smile was unwarranted, making me feel very uncomfortable.

You can’t imagine the shock and confusion I was in when I saw her. She appeared confident and bold, beaming with smiles, like someone who just caught a thief red-handed.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” I courageously asked her with all the innermost strength I could gather, but all she did was smile back at me and spoke.

“The ship fights with the sea, but yet it’s only the ship that gets damage” she said, still smiling and annoying me further with her sarcastic reply.

I stood there, completely clueless of what next to say to her. She was about turning to take her leave when she noticed the food flask I brought for Tunde on the ground.

Her face instantly turned pale, her smile gone with the wind and her soul turned moody.
I saw in her eyes, pain and embarrassment as she set her eyes on the flask.

She quickly rushed to it and opened it, but was relieved when she saw that the food wasn’t yet touched. Her happy mood returned immediately as she recklessly flung the flask away, throwing away the food on the ground, while I watched as I kept mute.

When she was done, she gazed at me with a look that could make one bury oneself six feet down. I saw a grin of contentment on her face at what she had just done.

She turned and left without another word. I stood there, still in shock at what just happened and what her next line of action would be for her to have left.

Just then Tunde came out of the house since Folake had opened the door earlier on but wanted to check on who Tunde was chatting with at the back of the house.

Tunde was just speechless. He was all manly again, as he stood looking at the poured vegetable soup and wheat I had prepared for him, all wasted on the floor and so, he apologized and invited me in. Fortunately, Folake had left as I didn’t know how she would react to me being in the house.
Suddenly, the air between Tunde and I changed, we both exchanged glances for a couple of seconds before Tunde leaned forward to kiss me. I was shocked, I wanted to resist but I didn’t even know what else to think but soon enough, I came to my senses and gently pushed him off.

“What just happened?” was the question I kept asking myself.

He made another attempt and again I didn’t resist, only God knows why. At this rate, it was clear what we both wanted and soon, we both had it.

I felt ashamed of what I just did. I hurried to take my leave which confused him as he tried to plead with me to stay over for the night which I bluntly refused.

Folake didn’t come again while I was around that day, which greatly surprised me. I was beginning to think it was all a set up.
I left his house full of regrets and disappointed in myself.

Maybe now, I would at least know his true intentions.

Episode 10 comes up next…


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