For Episode 7

After our discussion, We finished our drinks, packed our bags and left the restaurant.

Tobi and I got home really tired after dropping Temi at her own apartment. I was still disappointed at what she (Tobi) said in the restaurant,so I didn’t talk to her at all, neither did she utter any word to me.

I laid on my bed, and pondered on what had happened today. The unexplainable force behind Tunde’s unwarranted compliance to the directives from Folake, her voracious threats which were unfortunately confirmed by Peter.

I was still in awe and fear at what Peter had said earlier on. Folake wasn’t someone to be toyed with.
My thoughts were interrupted by the vibration of my phone. I looked at the screen but saw that the number was unknown, I hesitated a bit before finally picking it up and answering the call.

“Hello Bewaji?” Came the voice from the other end, I instantly recognized the voice. It was Tunde!

“Tunde?!” I shouted with happiness, only God knows why.
“Yea it’s me, Tunde, how come you recognized my voice even without me telling you?” he asked.
“That’s not the problem for now, Are you okay?” I murmured with care.

“Yea, of course am okay. I just want to beg you to forget what happened in the morning. The threats from Folake and so on are just empty threats and please, I don’t want what happened to get in the way of our friendship, I’m really sorry for the insults and the embarrassment,okay?!” Tunde begged softly with a lovely voice, like that of a prince.

“It’s alright Tunde, I was hoping we could meet and talk face to face rather than on phone. There’s something I’d like to say about your relationship with Folake. Probably tonight?” I asked calmly, but unfortunately, I got an answer that wasn’t befitting at all.

“Tonight?, I don’t think I can make it, Folake has locked me up in this house and it seems I won’t get out till tomorrow, besides if Folake sees both of us together, it might spell doom!” Tunde replied shamelessly like a baby.

“What!!,what do you mean you’ve been locked up in your house?, can’t you stand up against her?” I asked Tunde with anger, but he only remained quiet.

“This has got to stop, you cant continue being her slave, not even if you’re in love with her” Ii yelled.

“Love?, I don’t love her at all, neither do I have any feelings for her, but whenever she comes around me, i don’t know what happens next, because I’ll just see myself doing all her wishes and commands as against my will” Tunde muttered shakily.

“Have you eaten?” I asked, intentionally changing the topic.

“No, I haven’t eaten anything at all since morning.” Tunde replied to my uttermost surprise.

“That’s really bad” I denounced. ” do you mind me bringing over something for you to eat?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but if you feel like, then it’s okay by me” Tunde warned.

We chatted a bit before we hunged up. He then sent me his home address.

I hastily arranged the vegetable soup I cooked yesterday inside a small cooling flask. Hurriedly prepare wheat and immediately left for his house with the food in a nicely packaged polythene bag.

But as fate would have it, I unluckily ran into Folake while at his place!!

What happened next?

Episode 9 comes up next week Friday


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