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“Yes?! is anything the matter?” Tobi asked the guy when she saw that I was too stunned to speak out.

“Not at all. My name is Peter, a close friend of Tunde. He told me to pass a message to Bewaji” the boy replied.
Seeing he wasn’t here with any bad intention I summoned the courage to speak out.

“I’m Bewaji, and what’s the message?” I asked him.

“Tunde said he is really sorry for embarrassing you girls and apologizes for what happened earlier in the morning, he also wants to assure you that the threats made by Folake are just empty threats and nothing to be taken seriously” Peter responded .
“But why isn’t he here to apologize himself?” I asked.
“That’s the problem, he can’t come because that witch of a girl, Folake, locked him up in his house”
“WHAT!!!” I, Tobi And Temi, chorused together in shock.
“Yes, infact, that’s after she had beaten him up in the morning, ordering him not to go out of the house”

“Wow, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Please take a seat” I said to Peter, pointing at a seat. “You mean she beats up Tunde and Tunde doesn’t do anything about it, even up to the extent of locking him up in his house?” I continued.

“Yes, I have been childhood friends with Tunde to know that he doesn’t takes nonsense from girls, no girl dares insult him before, but since the first day he met that girl, I have noticed a sudden change in Tunde” Peter gisted.

“Wait oh, if she has been doing all these to Tunde, cant you guys as his friends tell him to break up with Folake?, Isn’t it as simple as that?” Temi said, breaking her silence since Peter came in.

“That’s another big problem, any time any one approaches Folake to tell her anything about her relationship with Tunde, the next day, the person instantly falls terribly sick, or something mysterious happens to such person, like being sick by unexplainable ailment that Doctors wont be able to identify or bad luck starts following such or he/she faces something totally unnatural” Peter muttered.

“You’re joking right?” Tobi asked with fear in her eyes.

“Joking?! you think all I just said is a joke?” Peter muttered with all seriousness, leaving the three of us in fear.

“The worst part of it all is that when Folake is not around Tunde, He acts like a man. Like someone who has authority over himself, but when she is close, Tunde just changes to a baby that can be played with anyhow” Peter continued.

“Can’t Tunde just break up with her?” I asked.

“Even Tunde is fed up of his relationship with her and life in general, but just as I said before, he can force himself to tell her they need a breakup, but when she comes close to him, all his guts and audacity flies out the window, there’s no doubt she uses some kind of supernatural powers against him” Peter concluded.

This is more serious than I thought.

“Look, I think I have said enough. Folake has agents from only God knows where, who monitors anyone related to Tunde. I don’t want to be caught up in this matter because I have already suffered a lot in her hands, I only agreed to come here with the message because of how close I am to Tunde” Peter concluded with a shaky voice.

I understood his plight and wasn’t going to push him to the wall. I thanked him for his kind gesture, gave him my number to hand over to Tunde, which he collected, bade us farewell and left immediately.

Many things were running through my head. After Peter left, the three of us just sat down at the table, totally speechless, silence just engulfed that moment, nobody was willing to say a word, but when it seemed like eternity, Tobi spoke out.

“Bewaji, I’m starting to have mixed feelings towards this issue oh, I think we should just leave Tunde’s matter alone, because it appears Folake is really dangerous. I don’t want to be involved in this matter again, and I was sent to school to study. I love my life also and I’ll do anything to preserve it” Tobi said those unexpected words which really hurt me. How could she say she doesn’t want to help Tunde out of the bondage of that evil lady?

Well, I didn’t blame her, what Peter said must have really weakened her spirit.

“Common Tobi, how bad could anything go?,we don’t have anything to lose, what Peter just said proves it more that Tunde has been influenced by something Folake has done against him, lets try to help him out na” I pleaded calmly with Tobi.

“Seriously Bewaji, my mind is made up, besides how do you want to go about that? I don’t want anything in this matter again. I don’t want to loose my life or fall sick to an undiagnosable ailment, please!” Tobi stressed.

I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I needed someone I could trust, who would give credible advise to me. I turned to Temi who had been silent all through. At least she raised my hopes a bit.

“Honestly with what I just heard, I’m really scared, if you’re banking on me to help you in this case, I can’t promise that I will but at least I would render any help that I can” Temi said, like she was whispering.

“But wait o Bewaji, I don’t understand you anymore, the last time I remember, you were slapping this boy with all hatred in you, but now here you are begging to help this same boy in a matter you shouldn’t involve yourself at all. What’s really going on? don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him?” Tobi asked with all seriousness.

Tobi was probably right, the last time I checked, thinking about a boy the way I have done with Tunde would have even been a long distance from my thinking.

But was it really Love or Pity?

Let me even rescue him from this bondage first before pondering on this..

But wait, how am I gonna go about this?

Episode 8 comes up next…


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