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I wasn’t really sure, I didn’t really know if it was a setup that Tunde had planned. it was probably his idea that I get caught up in a fight and he’ll come save me, and I’ll thank him for being my hero. Or maybe it was a real fight, and he just decided to come help me out.

“You dey craze” Tunde yelled out to the bully who was swept off his feet.

The Guy was taken aback by the kick from Tunde, but the way he reacted, I feared he wasn’t alone. He stood up just in time, dodging a blow from Tunde who was already raging in fury. Na season film be this oh!

” You no get shame, na woman you dey slap like that, which kind senseless human being you be” Tunde shouted at the bully, but rather than being sorry, he jerked Tunde by the collar, and started asking “If Tunde knew who he was?”.

Just as I feared, a couple of dangerous looking guys appeared from nowhere and before I knew it, they had given Tunde the beating of his life… Before I had doubts if the fight was real, But now, I knew it was no setup.. The guys had beaten Tunde so bad that he had a broken head, which was causing him to lose blood quickly. The guys, seeing that they had beaten Tunde to coma, fled immediately, leaving me and some good samaritans to rush him to a nearby hospital.

After the doctor had assured us of his stable health condition, I told Temi I was leaving, which really provoked her.

“What do you mean you are leaving?” Temi asked angrily.
“What does that mean? I’m going home of course” Ireplied. But she didn’t stop. “I hope you know that, it’s because of you this boy is lying half dead here, and yet you have no pity on him” . “Look Temi, I cant really talk about that now, I’m really tired and all I know is that I’m leaving”.

I took my purse and left the ward immediately, leaving Temi,who still stayed back in shock.

I arrived home later, where I met Tobi, my roommate. I hadn’t really anticipated the day to go as it did. I was really tired, lost and confuse. Of course I knew it was because of me that Tunde is lying in the hospital, but it wasn’t my intention. I really needed someone to talk to and Tobi was just the right person.
“Common dear, I’m all ears, tell me all that burdens your heart” Tobi said when she saw my attitude.

I began my tale of how my first boyfriend promised me heaven and earth, disvirgined me, got me pregnant, and denied ever knowing me.

Daniel was the boy I had fallen for in my secondary school days. We dated for over 1 year, but still there was nothing like Adult-play. I really loved him, and would go to any extent to keep him. He had asked for sex and since I was willing to give him due to the strong affection I had for him (Stupid me!)
I narrated it to a point to Tobi…

“Hmmn, continue na” Tobi begged, when I paused to see her reaction.
I continued narrating my ordeal…..
I was about to continue my tale about my past when something caught my attention.
“Who brought that?” I asked Tobi, pointing to a bunch of flowers and card at the other end of the room.

“Oh, I forgot, remember the guy you humiliated in class the other day?” Tobi asked. “Ehn,what about him?” ” he brought them in the afternoon for you, he said I should talk to you, and beg you to be a little free with him, he dropped them and said he was rushing to a friend’s party” Tobi replied.

“Oh no” I said to myself, with my face down on my laps and hands on my head. Tunde had dropped the flowers before coming down to the party, exactly the time I left my room for the party.

“Whats up? why the gloomy face” Tobi asked, when she saw my sudden change of mood.

I narrated the day’s happenings to her, which really left her in shock.
“Wait, you mean after the guy defended you while sustaining some injuries in the process, you just left him there in the hospital?” Tobi angrily barked.

“What should I have done? stay back and pet him? I’m sure he could call any of his numerous girl friends to baby sit him” I ignorantly spoke out.

“I never knew you were this foolish oh, someone helped save your life and here you are, saying bullshits, I didn’t know I lived with a mumu roommate”.

“Tobi please abeg, nne biko leave me alone, besides who knows whether it’s all in his plan to get me”

” I don’t want to know if it was his plan or not, that guy really loves you to have tried to help you, he’s in the hospital for God’s sake!, You have to promise me you’ll go see him” Tobi concluded, left my bed and went to hers without another word.

I knew that meant no talk till I gave in to her words. I was alone, surely what Tunde did was a thing of surprise, and all thoughts of it was a setup was gone. But hold on, why am I thinking about him??, or have I fallen for him? No… My emotions were still intact. I feel nothing!!.

My mind quickly raced to my past experience with Daniel, oh Daniel!, I’ll never forgive you.

Daniel was a very handsome fellow, tall, with pink lips, and had all the physical qualities a girl would want in her dream man. He was the female fancy type, I had fallen for him so easily. Like Romeo and Juliet, our love grew stronger as each day goes by.

He respected and loved me, showering me with gifts, money. He had sworn heaven and earth all for my cause. One year later, and still no adult fun, it seemed as if I was losing my prince charming, he would beg for it, but I argued that I was keeping my virginity for my wedding night. He started avoiding me and our relationship started collapsing.

But that Thursday evening, In a desperate move not to lose him. I gave in to what he had been desperately craving for!

Episode 5 comes up next week Friday.


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