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Written by: Oduniyi Olajide David

My excitement knew no bound on that fateful Monday morning, as i got dressed and prepared for my first lecture at the Obafemi Awolowo University. (You know how it feels when you are finally an undergraduate of a prestigious University in Nigeria, which you’ve dreamt of all your life).

I stood by, looking at the mirror, reflecting on my life and who i have grown so fast to become. Physically, i was a very beautiful damsel with qualities wanted by every man, my beauty knew no limit as I could make the toughest of hearts melt. Such was my beauty.

I quickly applied my makeup and hurriedly left for my proposed faculty of learning.

I started amassing a lot of friends two weeks later, including male admirers who I had a great tinge of hatred for…guys irritates me a lot, most of the boys were even afraid to talk to me because of the rude nature that was inbred in me.

Jeez…….I HATE BOYS, infact, the mere thought or voice of a guy got me irritated and pissed off easily, anytime I remember what I had gone through in the hands of men, it sends a cold shiver down my spine.

I choose to forget, but never forgive as I hoped to one day to avenge the trespasses against me by the so called “MEN ”. But for now, my main purpose in school is to study hard and not allow any guy cause me any form of distraction!

Let me introduce myself, my name is OMOBEWAJI, I had finished my secondary school four years back with an outstanding record in my WAEC result; I had A1 parallel (Una see say i sabi book wella nau.) My beauty could be equated to my brilliancy, as I was the best graduating student back then.

Well, we all know how things happen in Nigeria, gaining admission to the university wasn’t a matter of brilliancy, probably luck or connections…one thing or the other was the problem every year, which is either my course of study was over-competed for by other aspirants, or my course was changed which I had to differ…

Age was no longer by my side, as i just clocked 20 last two months, but i was still very young, needless to say,i wasn’t even in a hurry to get married.. Never at any point did the thought occur, mostly because of my hatred for men?

My joy couldn’t be described as there was no unit of measure to my level of happiness when I saw my admission status this year. I had been admitted to study my preferred choice of study..

Little did i know, what the future had in store for me..


I had started enjoying campus life, my own personal life had really changed, as an 100 level student, I was introduced to a lot of characters, the good, the bad, and the handsome, although I related freely with everyone but nevertheless, I still carried an heavy burden in my heart, and hatred for guys in my mind.


I listened with great attention at my opponent, who spoke with authority like he wrote the textbook himself, this boy na book oh! This stupid lecturer had given us a topic to present and in all the students around, he choose this brilliant dude to be my opponent.
He spoke and quoted with authority, his speech and fluency was like that of Obama’s.

I couldn’t help but notice that he was equally handsome. I guess i must have seen him around, probably flirting with one of those loose girls, i didn’t really know much about him.

“Thank you Mister Tunde” the lecturer spoke out after the nerdy handsome guy had finished his presentation. Hmmmn, his name was “Tunde”, like I cared! Durrrh!!..

I came out and stood in front of the class and began my presentation, but while i was at it, i felt what i said really didn’t make any point, it seemed the “Tunde” or what was he called, had taken all the glory with his charisma and “Textbook-Quoted” speech..But I am not that type of girl that accepts defeat easily, especially when it relates to book stuff,cause I am a bookworm, and i will really feel so awful if i lose this presentation.

My fears were brought to reality, when the lecturer announced the winner of the presentation..damn it, i lost, another blow to my face, i felt as if something was stolen from me..instantly i developed a bit of anger towards Tunde.

I had already picked up my bag and was heading out of the class when someone tapped me from behind.
I turned around, lo and behold, it was no other person than Tunde.

Episode 2 comes up on Friday.

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