Whenever I go through Myles Munroe’s books, it always leaves me highly motivated and leaves with the power to go into the world with great optimism to achieve whatever lies ahead of me. I don’t know if that’s the case for you. The corona virus issue left me with no option than to go through some books that have layed fallow in my book shelf, and this is one of the books I read. I’m really excited to be sharing 20 nuggets that didn’t leave me the same way they met me. I bet you’d love to read this book after going through them. Let’s go!

1. The poorest person in the world is a person without a dream. No matter how much money you may have, if you don’t have a clear vision for your life, you are truly poor.

2. Most people have interest in their destinies, but they have no passion or drive to fulfill them. They don’t really believe the dream that God has put in their hearts. If they do believe them, they don’t do things that will take them in the direction of fulfilling them. Yet, that is what separates the people who make impact in the world and those who just exist on the planet.

3. If you are intelligent but are not exercising your gift, you’re probably going to be poor. If you’re educated but have not developed your talent, you’re likely going to be depressed, frustrated and tired; you will hate going to work on Monday mornings.

3. Although we were all born as originals, most of us become imitators. I used to think about becoming like everyone else and joining the rat race. Yet I soon realized that if all the rats are in a race, and you win, you simply become the Big rat. I recommend that you get out of the rat race, stop competing with the community, stop being in a contest with society, stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, stop trying to please everybody and decide, “I’m not going to be a rat. I’m going to find my niche. I’m going to make room for myself in the world by using my gift.

5. You are not an experiment.God wouldn’t have allowed you to start your life and purpose unless they were already completed in eternity. You were born to manifest something that is already finished. You must realize, however, that your end doesn’t look anything like your beginning–or like any other point in the process for that matter. This is why you must live by faith, looking forward with expectation for what God has already completed; otherwise, you will believe what you see with your physical eyes rather than the vision you see in your heart.

6. Vision is what you keep seeing, even when you close your eyes.

7. The first key to understanding vision is to realize that it always emanates from purpose.

8. Second, we must understand that God created everything to fulfill a purpose in life.

9. Many people don’t recognize the vision God has placed within them because they don’t have a vital connection with God. This connection with him needs to be restored before they can see their true purpose.

10. You need people around you who believe in dreams that are even bigger than your own so you can keep stirring up your vision.

11. Three major obstacles to fulfilling vision are: Not understanding the nature of vision. Not recognizing the cost of vision. Not knowing the principles of vision.

12. Another reason people aren’t specific about their vision is that they are caught up in the trap of wishful thinking. Their dreaming doesn’t go beyond vague ideas of what they would like to do “someday.” Yet dreaming is only the beginning of vision. We should have will rather than mere wishes.

13. Many of us make shopping list before we go to the store, but few of us make lists of what we want for our lives.

14. Do you know what you really want out of this life?

15. Another group of people who have trouble carrying vision through to the end is what I call “professional starters.” They’re always beginning something, but they never finish anything. For example, they have books they’ve never finished, yet they keep starting new ones. Everything you leave unfinished will discourage you from completing other projects. The unfinished has a way of haunting your life.

16. Whatever you were born to do, you are equipped to do.

17. Our lives are like seed. We were born with the potential for the fulfillment of our destinies that have already been established within us. When God gives a vision to someone, He’s simply calling forth what he put into that person. This is why you can always determine what you can do by the dream that is within you. Plant the seed of your vision by beginning to act on it and then nurture it by faith.

18. God gives ability to fulfill responsibility. Therefore, when you discover your dream, you will also discover your ability.

19. Spend major time with positive influence and minor time with negative influence.

20. Let every opposition strengthen you rather than stop you.

Which of the nuggets got you most? Share with me in the comment section below.

Much love.


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