After service that Monday evening, Sister Linda met me down stairs waiting for her; of course we had to see each other before dispersing.

“Hello dear” she stretched forth her hand for a handshake. I took her tender hands in mine but released it almost immediately.
“What of the thing I asked for dear? I had light since but I can’t make use of it,” she pleaded.
“But I told you to meet me during the day, its already past nine.”
“Please dear” she pleaded with that tone, irresistible.

‘Nothing can happen, she’s always visited me and nothing happened,’ I thought within me.

Note: Fear the bed of a seductress

“Alright dear,” I replied and we headed for her lodge. When we got to her lodge, she quietly opened the door and stepped in. I thought it would be nice to stay outside and let her switch on the light.

“Are you standing outside?” Linda asked me.
“I didn’t want to intrude, you might want to rearrange before letting me in”, it was a blind excuse anyways… I was just too scared of making a step into that room. She held my hands and led me into her dark room. ” Who said you were intruding” – she said. The room was so dark. I just stood near the door with my hands clasped at my back like a child caught misbehaving.
“I thought you said you guys had light?” I asked.
“I guess they just took it”,she replied. She scrambled over the place in search of her torch.
She later switched on her phone’s flashlight. The light itself was as bad as the darkness. I never believed I would ever be in a ladies room at that kind of odd hour.

“Over there” she pointed me to the switch beside her bed. I swallowed hard; I was so uncomfortable but didn’t want to show it. I crouched to repair it, with her screw driver and all the rest. She bent over, placed her elbow on my back and was watching what I was doing.

She was so bent; her body touching mine. She seemed to be swaying up and down or maybe I was thinking things. Sister Linda would not do such. But I could feel something caressing my back…Something soft and tender.

‘Was she doing that intentionally?’ I thought.

Maybe I was thinking too much and she was unawares of her action.

The light caress continued until I lost focus of what I was doing. I turned immediately facing her; I didn’t really know what turned my face to her. From the neck of her dress, hanging low, the sight ignited passion in me. My screwdriver dropped or maybe I dropped it.

Something was ignited in me… LUST!!! The desire to explore what I was seeing. I stood up ready to resist this temptation
Sister Linda, I think I should…”

PS: Flee at the sight of sin, don’t start thinking if you should.


  1. Ahan now!

    I don’t like this…

    Why would you take me into the lacuna and leave me just like that?

    Alright, I’m eagerly waiting for the 3rd episode.

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